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Article's author: Svetlana Vysotskaya
Published: 2012-08-29
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Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street: like a walk in Paris…

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsBogdan Khmelnitsky Street in Vitebsk is able amaze not only with its beauty, but also with an unprecedented historical ups and downs, which determined the modern name of the street. This is a real catch for tourist Vitebsk, because at this point the past and present, harmoniously interwovening, create a wonderful portrait of a modern city.

You see, it is nice to walk on a sunny day in spacious, bright and elegant green streets of Vitebsk. Indeed, every corner of the city hides not only its history, but also the unique attractions of Vitebsk, about which city portal VitebskCity.by can tell better than any words.

It is difficult at the first time to choose what to see in Vitebsk, because this city is a real tourist attraction. Although you can leisurely stroll through the streets of Vitebsk, which will half open the veil of mystery, will tell a lot about the life of the city, and will disclose the wonderful world of fascinating views in Vitebsk.

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsMaybe a little trip in Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street will be unforgettable. Green, spacious, it seems to blossom behind night lights, which decorate the trees with amazing garlands. And it seems as if all this does not occur in Vitebsk but in Paris, on the Champs Elysees ... Although in the afternoon Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street looks no less beautiful: the boulevard that separates the roadway, serves as a green oasis among the monumental city landscape, creating a sense of transcendent beauty.

As the history of Vitebsk testifies, chaotic development in the place of modern Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street began to appear in the XVIII century. There were small one- and two-storey houses. Famous Russian philosopher-idealist Nikolay Lossky lived in one of these houses over five years – from 1882 to 1887.

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsAfter the Great Patriotic War the nature of development changed – and soon Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street was decorated with 2-5-storied houses, typical for urban areas of the Soviet period.

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street got its modern name in 1954, and originally, according to the pages of the history of Vitebsk, this was Sennaya Square, which was later renamed into Proletarian Boulevard.

In the prewar years in this street there was a monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, depicted on horseback. But during the Great Patriotic War the memorial mysteriously disappeared. However, by good fortune, it was found among the metal scrap at Vitebsk station. Perhaps the Germans did not have time to take it to Germany. The monument was returned to its original place, and soon Proletarian Boulevard became Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street.

By the way, a walk in Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street will open the wonderful world of sights of Vitebsk. Victory Square and the Summer Amphitheatre have long become significant buildings of tourist Vitebsk. Solemn, sad and hysterical bells of the Pokrovsky Cathedral, thrilling the soul strings, will call for an amazing acquaintance with the relic, mantled in an aura of mystery. A walk in Lenin Street will give many pleasant impressions to romantic persons. Why you should visit these attractions in Vitebsk? The answer can be found at the site of Vitebsk, where the whole city seems to appear in front of you in full view.