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Vitebsk Stations.

Vitebsk Railway StationVitebsk is one of the most unique cultural centres of Belarus. And only few people thought that Vitebsk stations open a wonderful world of attractions of the city for the guests. From here start the hiking trails that surround the city and cozy corners of Vitebsk region as invisible threads.

Vitebsk is not just a cultural and historical area of Belarus, is a modern transportation hub, where, as if an invisible ball, ran hundreds of roads from abroad. New people, new meetings, new experiences every day fill the city with fresh emotions, the epicentre of which is concentrated at Vitebsk stations. But then again, all at once, the pulsing ball runs up to hundreds of roads, taking everyone in his destination - whether it is a remarkable corner of Vitebsk region, or a trip to a foreign country. But the most interesting thing is that in front of each passenger Vitebsk opened its amazing and unique world, millions of sparkling facets, and the acquaintance impressions will never return!

Railway Station.

Vitebsk Railway StationVitebsk is not only the most beautiful corner of Belarus, which can boast its unique history and rich traditions. It is a modern city with a developed transportation system, which creates all possibilities for ease of movement within the country and for international travelling. And one of the starting points is Vitebsk Railway Station.

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Bus Station.

Vitebsk Bus StationVitebsk - this is a wonderful place where hundreds of roads meet and run together here from all over the world, intertwining hundreds of human fates every day. Bus Station in Vitebsk is one of the most amazing parts of the city, where every moment is filled with only the most sincere emotions - joy of meetings and sadness of parting.

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