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You see, after long hours of walking around Vitebsk, comfortable accommodation in Vitebsk is one of the components of a good rest. And everyone can choose a rest for his taste. For example, those who like to rest comfortably, will appreciate the high level of service in Vitebsk hotels. If you prefer homishness, you might want to rent an apartment in Vitebsk for a day.

It does not matter whether you choose to stay in a Vitebsk hotel, or to rent an apartment in Vitebsk – the acquaintance with the city will be still steeped by romance and comfort. After all, the matter is still the same: a night in Vitebsk is not just a vacation after a crazy day, it's an unforgettable trip to the city of reveries, where dreams come true.

Vitebsk is an extraordinarily fascinating city. This you will see from the first unforgettable moments of the acquaintance. The first thing you will face is the numerous Vitebsk attractions, through which the city has acquired a unique and legendary beauty. It's no secret that tourist Vitebsk is a real temptation for even the most reserved hearts. Luxury architecture and cozy streets give an amazing look to the city, which combines the past, present and future. Endless tours, miles of travel and the immense amount of positive emotions - just sitting on a cozy couch with a cup of coffee, and you feel unprecedented romance. After all, only after long hours of walking around tourist Vitebsk, your vacation will be one of pleasant and amazing moments of traveling. In this regard, Vitebsk, as a kind host, warmly welcomes its guests and makes its best that every day spent in the city, to be warmed by pleasant moments and memories.

- Apartments - To unravel the mystery of ancient Vitebsk, one day is not enough. Therefore, you should mind night’s lodging in Vitebsk in advance, so your moments of joy would spoiled by nothing. It’s enough to rent an apartment for a day.

- Hotels - It is not enough to come to Vitebsk, armed only with a tour guide. To make stay in this amazing city one of the most enjoyable moments, it is necessary to take care of lodging in Vitebsk. In fact, it’s not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Vitebsk is a city with a developed infrastructure, a special place is held by Vitebsk hotels.