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To unravel the mystery of ancient Vitebsk, one day is not enough. Therefore, you should mind night’s lodging in Vitebsk in advance, so your moments of joy would spoiled by nothing. It’s enough to rent an apartment for a day.

This type of accommodation in Vitebsk is quite popular for a number of reasons. First of all, you can always rent an apartment in the needed district of the city. Secondly, this accommodation is cheaper than stay in a hotel. Third, you do not lose the feeling of home comfort and warmth. Perhaps you first will rent an apartment for one day, but be sure that after the first few hours exploring Vitebsk you want to stay in this amazing city to extend the moments of happiness...

You see, Vitebsk is an amazing city, where unprecedented harmony combines past and present, tradition and innovation. Perhaps that is why Vitebsk tourist lures so much and attracts visitors and tourists who are literally dedicate their heart to this city at a glance. Yes, Vitebsk attractions are a centuries-old history, the pages of which faced ups and downs, jubilation and bloody battles. This is indicated by the names of streets, whispering unruly foliage in parks and gardens, melodious humming splashes of water.

After a shivery leave, many, many years later, you will again relive your memories, when a cup of coffee in hand you were standing at the window a rented apartment for a day admiring Vitebsk in the night.