It is not enough to come to Vitebsk, armed only with a tour guide. To make stay in this amazing city one of the most enjoyable moments, it is necessary to take care of lodging in Vitebsk. In fact, it’s not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Vitebsk is a city with a developed infrastructure, a special place is held by Vitebsk hotels.

If you prefer a comfortable stay - then you will appreciate hotels in Vitebsk. Comfortable suites, excellent service, helpful and friendly staff, fine cuisine will make your stay in small hotels in Vitebsk an unforgettable adventure. If you do not like to go far in search of travel and adventure, Vitebsk hotel staff will make a plan of your recreational activities. The fact is that most of Vitebsk hotels is able to offer not only a good rest to a high standard, but also memorable tours on the ancient city. From the first minutes of the charming acquaintance you will see that coming to Vitebsk means fall in love with it forever.

Modern Vitebsk is an amazing and incredible city with a gourmet salt. Here every corner breathes with its original beauty and ancient history. The special charm and majestic appearance of the city have been made by Vitebsk attractions. After all, it is no secret that tourist Vitebsk is a dream city where romance, love and spiritual warmth live.

Hotel Eridan***.

Hotel Eridan***Hotel Eridan*** is located in historic part of Vitebsk, in the building, being and architectural monument. The most significant Vitebsk attractions are 5-minutes walk. Hotel offers European suites from 1-bed to lux suite. Every suite have: a TV, a phone, a refrigerator, a bathroom, a WC, a workigndesk, Wi-Fi, by request you will get an iron and a hairdryer. Additional services in hotel Eridan: a bar, a restaurant, a negotiation hall, a sauna, a swimming pull, massage, a business centre, touring services, laundry and dry-cleaning, a safe, parking, car rent, personal driver services.

Adress of hotel Eridan: Sovetskaya str., 21/17, Vitebsk.
Contact: Phone: + 375 212 362456; e-mail: hotel-eridan@mail.ru
Site: http://eridan-vitebsk.com/index-EN.html

Update: 2016-08-16.

Hotel of Gubernsky Centre.

Hotel of Gubernsky CentreHotel of Gubernsky Centre is located in a cosy corner of Vitebsk, near one of central streets Kirov Street. Hotel of Gubernsky Centre offers: 2 one-bed suites, 3 one-room two-bed suites, 2 two-room lux. Every suite has: a WC, a mini-bar; a working desk, a TV, a phone, Internet. Additional services for the guests of hotel of Gubernsky Centre: a rest hall, an iron and an ironing board, lodge hall, fax and copy, a safe, a guarded parking, a restaurant, a sauna, a gym, a beauty salon.

Adress of hotel of Gubernsky Centre: Komsomolskaya str., 11/5, Vitebsk.
Phone: +375 212 236057, +375 212 370144, +375 29 6928210.

Update: 2016-08-16.

Hotel Luchesa****.

Hotel Luchesa****Hotel Luchesa**** is located in modern part of Vitebsk. There are large amount of shopping malls and stores. A developed transport system will get to the downtown in 5-10 minutes. Hotel Luchesa offers suites from 1-bed standard to large improved apartments, having suites for disabled people. All suites have a TV, a phone, a bath, a refrigerator, a safe, Wi-Fi. Hotel Luchesa offers: a restaurant, a bar, a tour agency, a kiosk, a currency exchange, a conference room, a conference hall, a hairdressing, a sauna, a billiard, a gym, a parking.

Adress of hotel Luchesa: Stroiteley 1, Vitebsk, 210027.
Contact: Phone: +375 212 298500, +375 44 5559211; e-mail: reception@luchesa.by
Site: http://luchesa.by/en/

Update: 2016-08-16.

Hotel of Central Sports Complex Vitebsky.

Hotel VCSCHotel VCSC is a small budget hotel, located on the 1st floor of a Central Sports Complex Vitebsky. Nearby is a beautiful park and a boat station on Vitba river. You can get to the centre of Vitebsk in 15 minutes on public transport. Hotel VCSC offers suites from economic to lux suites . All suites have a TV. The sports centre offers additional services: a cafe, a parking, a gym, a fitness hall.

Adress of hotel VCSC: Ludnikova, 12, Vitebsk.
Phone: +375 212 557223.

Update: 2016-08-16.

Hotel Zolotoy telenok.

Hotel Zolotoy telenokHotel Zolotoy telenok is a small private hotel located across the bus station and 3-minute walk to the railway station. The hotels accommodation allows to quickly get not only to the downtown but also to any point in Vitebsk. Hotel consists of 22 2-bed suites and 2 2-room lux suites. All suites have: a bathroom, a WC, a TV, a refrigerator, a phone, WiFi. Hotel offers additional services: a bar, a cafe, a conference-hall, excursions, a guarded parking, transfer, a laundry, a storing chamber, a beauty salon, a hairdressing, a billiard, a bouling.

Adress of hotel Zolotoy telenok: Belorusskaya str., 6a, Vitebsk, 210001.
Phone: +375 212 362791.

Update: 2016-08-16.

Hotel Profsouznaya.

Hotel ProfsouznayaHotel Profsouznaya is located in the centre of Vitebsk. There are many Vitebsk attractions, including Summer Amphtheater is located near the hotel. Hotel offers suites from 1-bed to 2-room lux suites. All suites have: a bathroom, a TV, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, dishware, by request you will get a microwave oven, an iron and a hairdryer. Hotel Profsouznaya offers additional services: a cafe, a hairdressing, an event-hall, a conference-hall for negotiations, parking (non-guarded), dry-cleaning.

Adress of hotel Profsouznaya: Shagal str. 8a, Vitebsk, 210015.
Phone: +375 212 372914, +375 29 1687800.

Update: 2016-08-16.

Hotel Vetraz***.

Hotel Vetraz***The location of hotel Vetraz*** can be considered unique, because the hotel is near the downtown of Vitebsk and in a quiet picturesque corner of the city, on the bank of the Western Dvina river. Hotel Vetraz offers suites from 1-bed standard to three-room lux suites, costing from 21$ to 99$. The salt of the hotel is topic decoration of every suite in different styles, for example Egypt night or Blue-eyed Belarus. Every suite has a bathroom, a TV, a phone, a refrigerator. Breakfast is not included, can be ordered. Hotel Vetraz offers additional services: a guarded parking, curre

Adress of Hotel Vetraz: Cherniakhovskogo ave., 25/1, Vitebsk.
Phone: +375 212 272275, +375 212 204500.
Site: http://vitebsktourist.by/

Update: 2016-08-16.

Hotel Vitebsk****.

Hotel Vitebsk****Hotel Vitebsk**** - the largest in Vitebsk is located in the downtown, on the bank of Western Dvina river. 500 m from the hotel there are many significant Vitebsk attractions. Hotel Vitebsk offers economic, business and extra suites. All suites have bathroom, a phone, cable TV, Wi-Fi. The windows face a marvelous view of the city. There are smoking free suites. Cost of accomodation in hotel Vitebsk varies from 30$ to 180$ per night. Breakfast is included. Hotel Vitebsk offers: a bar, a cafe, a restaurant, a conference-hall, a storing chamber, a tour agency, a parking, a currency e

Adress of hotel Vitebsk: Zamkovaya str., 5/2a, Vitebsk, 210026.
Contact: Phone: +375 212 359280, +375 29 3760623; e-mail: info@hotel-vitebsk.by
Site: http://hotel-vitebsk.by/index.php?lang=english

Update: 2016-08-16.

Hotel Rudakovo.

Hotel RudakovoSmall, cosy hotel Rudakovo is located 2 km from Vitebsk. Route taxi will quickly transport the guests to the downtown. Not far from the hotel there is hypermarket Korona. Hotel Rudakovo offers 1-bed and 2-bed suites, and also special wedding suites. All suites have: WC with a bathroom, a refrigerator, a TV. For the guests of hotel Rudakovo offers additional services: a guarded parking, a cafe, a bar with karaoke.

Adress of hotel Rudakovo: Vitebskaya str., 3, Novka, Vitebsky rayon, 211301.
Contact: Phone: +375 212 203277, +375 212 203280; e-mail: hotel@rudakovo.by
Site: http://rudakovo.by/gostinica

Update: 2016-08-16.