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Published: 2012-08-29
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Tolstoy Street: old man Hottabych was born here.

Tolstoy Street | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsIf you appear in Tolstoy Street, then you are lucky. Cherished by amazing views of Vitebsk, guarded by a placer of relics, this street sheds joy, happiness and unprecedented peace. And every corner of it hides a little story from the life of the city.

If you're for the first time in the city and just cannot decide what to see in Vitebsk, walk on Tolstoy Street. Here the history of the city lives, and here the most scenic views of Vitebsk are concentrated.

The remarkable street occupies a remarkable place - the historic center of Vitebsk. Tolstoy Street stretches from Resurrection Square and Suvorov Street up to the coast of the Western Dvina River and the inflow of the Vitba River.

Quiet and settled, clean and bright, Tolstoy Street as if suspends the hasty run of everyday, allowing you to enjoy the unprecedented beauty of Vitebsk. At first it was Podvinskaya Street, and only in 1910, after the death of the great Russian writer Lev Tolstoy, the street was renamed in his honour. Today, the streets form the basis of two-storey buildings of mid XIX - early XX century. The houses number 2 and 4 originally were owned by local merchants Wittenberg. But in the early XX century the buildings were purchased by Moscow banks.

By the way, as particular facts of the history of Vitebsk evidence, the first chaotic development in modern Tolstoy Street appeared in the X century. The street itself was formed in the XVII century - as evidenced by the various drafts of Vitebsk, dating back to 1664.

It is known that in 1910 Tolstoy Street contained the society of merchants clerks, Davydov private gymnasium and branches of two banks - Moscow International Trade and Moscow land.

Later in the 1920s the provincial obstetric hospital, a lithography, office of the State Bank and the provincial office of health care was opened on Tolstoy Street. In the grim years of World War II the street miraculously survived, though some buildings were still slightly damaged.

Before 2010 Tolstoy Street in Vitebsk was driven through. Only after the reconstruction, which replaced asphalt by paving slab and installed decorative lights, the street became pedestrian. In a year, with assistance of the owner of shoe factory "Marko" N.Martynov, Tolstoy Street was decorated with a bronze Sculpture of San Crispin – the saint patron of shoemakers.

Tolstoy Street | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsVitebsk residents appreciate this street for its beauty, encouraging people to creativity and self-development. In fact, Lazar Lagin (Ginsburg) – the author of the famous novel "Old Man Hottabych" lived on Tolstoy Street. His house was near the inflow of the Vitba River. Carl Gibental also lived on this street, which is known to have invented the plaster cast. Now, bar "Nikolaevsky Hutorok" is built on the place of his house.

Walking through Tolstoy Street will give you lots of positive emotions and pleasant experiences. This is a great chance to get acquainted with the unique history of the city and the significant attractions of Vitebsk. Among them are the Holy Assumption Cathedral, the Resurrection Church and the Holy Spirit Convent. All this placer of relics as if is crowned by Pushkin Bridge with spectacular views of Vitebsk. City portal VitebskCity.by will help carry out an unforgettable walk through the mysterious and wonderful city.