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Published: 2012-08-29
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Pushkin Street: picturesque place in Vitebsk.

Pushkin Street | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsWhenever walking in Vitebsk, you will discover new pages from the life of the city. Mysteries are living everywhere, even on small Pushkin Street. All the mysteries could not be unraveled, but you can admire the most beautiful views of Vitebsk. There you will see the image of the city, which, like in a mirror, is reflected in the crystal surface of the Vitba.

In the streets of Vitebsk you can walk forever, and all because in every corner of the city you feel the breath of historical events and you can find amazing monuments of culture and art, which are recognized as being the original sights of Vitebsk.

Pushkin Street | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsVitebsk streets hide many puzzles and mysteries. For example, Pushkin Street. It is located in the centre of Vitebsk, between Pushkin Park and Lenin Street, and can tell you about the amazing scenes from the life of the city.

Learning the history of Vitebsk from paintings and photographs, you can definitely say that the originally Pushkin Street located in other place. The street appeared on the map of Vitebsk in the XIX century. It lay on the territory of the Upper Castle and was called Teatralnaya. Only at the beginning of the XX century the street was named in honor of great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

In the XIX-XX centuries Men's Alexander Gymnasium and Noble Assembly located on this street. There was also Noble Garden, which later became Pushkin Park. During the Soviet era there were PBC and Leninist Young Communist League buildings on the street.

Since the mid-1970s Pushkin Street changes its shape on the map of Vitebsk: it was straightened, but the school building was destroyed, being on the way of the construction work. Later archaeological excavations of the Upper Castle were performed on the place. But in the 1980s the excavated were mothballed. A little later, in 1989, the street was decorated with the Monument to Alexander Pushkin, cast by I.Kazak.

In 2011 Pushkin Street became pedestrian. It was restored and Pushkin Park was improved. Cement and granite paving stones appeared instead of asphalt, stylized decorative lights was installed, and a colour dynamic fountain was iridescent in the park.

Pushkin Street | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsPushkin Street | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsIt is especially nice to walk on Pushkin Street. Despite of the fact that it is very short - only 200 meters, it is able to admire with incredible scenery and amazing views of Vitebsk. Green, quiet and calm, Pushkin Street fits very concisely and harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, complementing the image of a dynamic and modern city. A walk on Pushkin Street will give you unforgettable expressions, because it is one of the great places in tourist Vitebsk, where the attractions of the city are revealed to you at a glance. And you will once again make sure that there are many interesting things to see in Vitebsk! And to get started is to get acquainted with the sights of Vitebsk, which are not far from Pushkin Street.

The memorial places include Pushkinsky Bridge and Monument to Pushkin. The walk will be very useful and informative, if, in addition, you decide to go to the Building of the Former District Court and admire the spectacular views from the River Vitba. Why these buildings are in the list of Vitebsk attractions, city portal VitebskCity.by will tell.