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Published: 2012-10-17
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Pushkin Bridge: the breath of love.

Pushkin Bridge | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsPushkin Bridge in Vitebsk is a place where love lives and a happy family starts up. After all, this is where couples lock their happiness, and "give" the key to Vitba River. And you can come here even without a reason, because Pushkin Bridge opens unprecedented views of Vitebsk, which can impress with its beauty and splendor.

Vitebsk is so amazing that sometimes you wonder how much interesting buildings are fraught in its streets and parks. It is not necessary to study thoroughly the urban streetscape, to discover the treasure of Vitebsk attractions. Just look at Vitebsk bridges. And even better - walk through them. They not only reveal the pages of the history of Vitebsk and talk about the spiritual culture and the traditions of Vitebsk residents, but also introduce you to the landscapes of incredible beauty.

Pushkin Bridge | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsPushkin Bridge deserves special attention. This 28-meter-long pedestrian bridge was built over Vitba River and connects two streets - Pushkin and Tolstoy. It was created in 1961, but, as any other cultural object in Vitebsk, the bridge has its own background.

Naturally there was a bridge over Vitba River before. However it was 30 feet closer to the mouth of the river and was made of wood, on stilts. The bridge was built in 1860-1870's. But after a while this bridge in Vitebsk came useless, most likely due to poor work. Pushkin Bridge was repaired again and again, and soon it turned from a spacious bridge a narrow one, which, moreover, was unsafe. The case moved to the construction of a new bridge, which rose above Vitba River in the second half of the 1890s. A wooden bridge stood until 1960s of the XX century.

Pushkin Bridge | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsPushkin Bridge | Squares, Streets, Bridges | Vitebsk - AttractionsToday Pushkin Bridge is a strong arched structure, with loading parts made from reinforced concrete. The bridge is so appreciated by the citizens, that a new tradition was born in Vitebsk at the beginning of the XXI century - newlyweds hang a pad lock on the bridge as a symbol of eternal and unbreakable love. And the key to the family happiness are reliably protected by Vitba River. There is another, more ancient tradition related to Pushkin Bridge. It goes back to the beginning of its construction and states that as a sign of pure love and unshakable family happiness the groom must move the bride through the bridge at his hands.

In 2010 Pushkin Bridge was restored. Pavement tile appeared instead of asphalt, decorative lighting was installed, and the entrance to the bridge was decorated with four bronze lions.

Of course, every person decides himself what to see in Vitebsk. Perhaps, you want to see Vitebsk sights located near Pushkin Bridge. For example, Pushkin Monument and Pushkin Public Garden. Tolstoy Street is no less interesting and unique. Vitba River will become a source of inspiration and good mood. And if you decide to take a walk through the pages of city portal VitebskCity.by, you'll know about so much interesting about Vitebsk as if the history of the city opens its amazing pages.