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Article's author: Svetlana Nesterovich
Published: 2012-09-12
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In "Zdravnevo" people want to smile!

Estate-Museum of Ilya Repin If you decide to ask a random Vitebsk citizen what interesting can be found in the outskirts of Vitebsk, the most likely answer will be: Repin manor "Zdravnevo". This museum of Vitebsk is certainly worth it to leave the city and drive 16 km. Only very unromantic person will regret!

It seems to me that this place is a completely unique facility of tourist Vitebsk. It is very calm and quiet here, all the problems recede somewhere into the background, you just want to walk along the paths of the estate, breathe and smile. Walking through the manor you understand why Repin bought this estate! By the way, it is still unknown exactly how it happened that the great artist came to buy land near Vitebsk. He was looking for a suitable place for a long time, and it was decided all just a few days.

Estate-Museum of Ilya Repin Drovnevo district (it has become "Zdravnevo" at the suggestion of Repin), together with the estate was bought in 1892 for money earned from the sale of painting "Zaporozhian Cossacks Writing a Letter to the Sultan of Turkey." Ilya Repin did much for landscaping the estate, the main manor house was rebuilt according to his drawings, the bank of the Dvina River was reinforced with masonry, many trees were planted, linden alley was created, farm buildings were built and renovated. Estate "Zdravnevo" often hosted the children of the artist, his friends and students.

Estate-Museum of Ilya Repin The period of Repin`s life in "Zdravnevo" became important in the culture and history of Vitebsk. We can be proud that here, in Vitebsk, the artist painted two icons for Sloboda church, almost forty paintings and drawings: "Belarus", "Autumn Bouquet", "Duel", "Young ladies for a walk among the herds of cows," "on the Sun" ... Now the icons and many paintings of the artist, as well as original documents and photographs are stored in the collections of Vitebsk Museum of Local Culture.

After the death of Ilya Repin in 1930 (he died in Penates, near St.Petersburg) the house got to his family. After some time the estate was sold, and during the World War II it was almost completely destroyed, the local residents literally brought the pearl culture of Vitebsk for firewood.

Estate-Museum of Ilya Repin Estate-Museum of Ilya Repin "Zdravnevo" was reconstructed only in 1988. This unique attraction of Vitebsk was created almost from scratch: the main house was rebuilt from the surviving drawings of the artist and the recollections of those who had once been here. Now the main memorial exhibition is placed in the house. The museum complex includes also a restored cellar and the manager house.

Estate-Museum of Ilya Repin Tastes, of course, are different, but if I speak for myself, I love being here, probably, for me it's most beloved attraction in Vitebsk. The exposition in the main house is not very rich, it includes mostly household items of Repin's family, ancient furniture, a lot of reproductions of paintings by the artist. The former household rooms often host a variety of temporary exhibitions of the Museum of Local Culture in Vitebsk. Near the house there is a monument to the great Russian artist, who with great respected his estate, this quiet and beautiful corner of Vitebsk region.

Estate-Museum of Ilya Repin To be honest, for a full tour of the mansion, I was only once. I like the atmosphere that prevails at Museum-Estate of Ilya Repin "Zdravnevo". The air is filled with special spirit, as if you really got in the past, in the late 19th century, where no one heard of TVs, computers and Internet. Here all the bad thoughts "leave" you, you breathe and think easy. Almost all my friends who attended this Vitebsk attraction more than once, came here to escape the hustle of the city and just to relax.

Estate-Museum of Ilya Repin Estate-Museum of Ilya Repin There is a picturesque pond with weeping willows on the territory of the house. I have not seen myself, but they say, in winter they hold such an old Russian carousel on the ice with sledges and shafts. A very nice park, linden alley, especially in spring and autumn. And with wooden platforms, balconies there is simply gorgeous view of the Western Dvina River. By the way, you can go down almost to the water on a stone staircase.

You can talk much about this amazing place of tourist Vitebsk. I hope that after reading about Repin Museum-Estate "Zdravnevo" on city portal VitebskCity.by, you want to come here and see everything with your own eyes, breathe with these special air, dream, walking through quiet lanes and paths of the estate. Once arrived, you certainly want to come back here again!

Museum-Estate of I.Repin "Zdravnevo" can be reached by going from Vitebsk on Gagarin street in the direction of s.Ruba. In Ruba after moving across the Western Dvina River turn to the right. After a couple of miles you will see a pointer to the estate.
Museum-Estate of I.Repin "Zdravnevo" welcomes its visitors from 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM every day, except Monday and Tuesday.
A tour can be previously arranged by phone +375 212 291673.